Sunset Hotel

Via Al Lido 7 Gavirate - 21026-VA
Tel. 0332731023
Fax 0332744825
P.Iva/C.F. 01742310038
Contact person for the Management / Reception / Reservations:
Dott.ssa Alessandra Blanco:

Director and Manager of the Sunset Hotel Coordinator:
Dott.ssa Alessandra Bruno:

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    The Hotel Sunset is easily accessible, via two dedicated inflows / outflows:
    ° S.P. 1 - from Switzerland / Lake Maggiore / Switzerland and shortly from the A / 8 Motorway, Malpensa, Milan, Turin, Genoa (via A / 26) ° Variante Besozzo - Vergiate - A / 8 - A / 26

    Not to mention the proximity, just a few minutes walk, from the Ferrovie Nord line which in just over an hour ensures the transfer to the center of Milan.